Fourth Grade

Sean Jones, Fourth Grade

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Sean Jones first started teaching at Saint Ambrose in 2006, and is thrilled to be teaching fourth grade. Mr. Jones earned his Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts and Elementary Education from Hamline University, and has completed coursework toward his Master's in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of St. Thomas.

Mr. Jones’ interest in teaching grew out of his experience working at the Minnesota Children's Museum for several years, as well as his experience teaching youth theatre classes for various organizations, including the Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth, where he taught for 12 years. He loves incorporating his theatre experience into the classroom setting as a means for 'bringing the curriculum to life', as well as a tool for building a strong sense of community in the classroom where children feel safe to take risks and explore.

Mr. Jones loves teaching the middle grades because he believes it is a transitional point academically for students. He believes that fourth grade, especially, is such an amazing year because students truly begin applying the skills they've learned in the primary grades to dive deeply into content that explores the world around them. He loves the natural curiosity and brilliant questions that fourth graders always seem to have! Mr. Jones works hard to facilitate an environment where students can explore these questions and develop learning skills through differentiated instruction, individual and group work, and engaging, hands-on classroom activities.

Mr. Jones loves teaching at Saint Ambrose because of the strong collaboration of the entire Saint Ambrose community (church, parents and teachers) that plays a part in educating the students. He also believes that the Catholic Schools do a wonderful job of focusing on the whole child by working not only on academics, but also on faith, social and character development.

In his free time, Mr. Jones enjoys spending as much time as he can with his wife and three young boys. Reading, downhill skiing, fishing, and watching hockey are some of his favorite activities.

"I love teaching because every day is a chance to inspire children to learn something about the world or about themselves that they did not know before. In turn, the energy and never-ending curiosity of my students inspires me to do the same. It is a fun relationship that makes it fun to come to school each day!" – Sean Jones

Kristen Jorgensen Fourth Grade


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Ms. Jorgensen joined the staff at Saint Ambrose in 2016. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Iowa, and has experience with Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 5th grade students. Before joining the 4th grade team, Ms. Jorgensen worked at the Primrose School of Woodbury and also as a reading and math tutor. Additionally, she was a volleyball coach for elementary and junior high school girls.

She decided to become a teacher because of the teachers she had…at Saint Ambrose! Ms. Jorgensen admired their teaching styles and it made her want to emulate them. One of the subjects she loves teaching her students is math. She enjoys watching them think through mathematical processes as they work to understand a new math concept. Her favorite thing about being part of a Catholic school is the sense of community and the respect, compassion, honesty and global awareness that students are taught.

Ms. Jorgensen believes that students can learn and grow academically in a safe environment, where they are respected and encouraged to do their best. So that she can meet the needs of all learners, she uses a variety of teaching strategies. Ms. Jorgensen wants learning to be fun and exciting in her classroom, with students wanting to learn more. She works hard to create a positive and welcoming environment in her classroom and wants students to understand that making mistakes are part of learning. Her interests outside of teaching include reading and volleyball.

“Each student is an individual with different learning styles. As a teacher, I must adapt to what will help them learn the best.”

– Kristen Jorgensen

Monica Wojtanowski, Fourth Grade


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Mrs. Wojtanowski has a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education from Winona State University, and a Master’s Degree in K-12 Reading Instruction from the University of Saint Thomas. She knew at a young age that she wanted to teach and has always loved school, learning and children.

She has taught at two other Catholics schools. Mrs. Wojtanowski spent two years at Holy Childhood School in St Paul teaching first grade and she spent six years at Saint Mark’s School in St Paul teaching third grade. She believes that each student is a unique individual who offers something special to the classroom. It is her goal to work in partnership with parents and meet the needs of each student so all students can achieve their fullest potential. Mrs. Wojtanowski loves to help students get excited about reading and enjoys having students make connections through text while they are reading.

She strives to have a classroom that is safe, positive, welcoming, honest and FUN! Mrs. Wojtanowski enjoys teaching at a Catholic school because she loves working with the families and the staff and enjoys having lessons that are rooted in faith. Mrs. Wojtanowski enjoys children’s literature, spending time with her family and traveling.

“One thing I have learned from working with fourth grade students is that they have so much to contribute. Each student brings in knowledge and insight from their own lives and experiences that allows them to enhance discussions and lessons in the classroom. They love to learn from one another!” – Monica Wojtanowski