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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

Families often have many questions about special education services. I have addressed the most commonly asked questions below. Please contact me with more questions or details.

Does Saint Ambrose of Woodbury offer special education services?

Yes, Saint Ambrose of Woodbury has a full time special education teacher for kindergarten through fifth grade and a 0.75 special education teacher for sixth through eighth grades.

What type of special education services are offered in the junior high grades?

Special education resource services are available for students who have been tested through a public school district or a private practice and have met the criteria to receive special education. The resource teacher works with students throughout the day to assist with homework completion. Some special education services can be coordinated with the public school (District 833), such as speech and deaf/hard of hearing services.

Does Saint Ambrose of Woodbury offer Individualized Education Plans (I.E.P.s)?

At the Junior High level, students who qualify for I.E.P.s can be serviced by the district under an Individualized service plan (I.S.P). These are plans for students who receive some kind of service through the district such as speech or academic classes. These services are provided for those students who meet the qualifications. Services are provided at Lake Middle School at times set-up by their staff.

What does St. Ambrose offer to support students?

At Saint Ambrose, we offer Learning Plans for students with needs and a qualifying diagnosis. These plans are designed to support students as needed, but still challenging them to work as independently as possible.

As a parent of a child with a disability, are there local organizations where I can seek support?

Yes, there are many organizations in the Twin Cities area that hold meetings and workshops regularly for parents and children.

The Autism Society of Minnesota


Groves Academy


The International Dyslexia Association, Upper Midwest Branch


LDA Minnesota


PACER Center


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